Joe Acevedo


To provide the highest level of quality consulting and support to PICK/D3/MultiValue users.


1983–2009 A-Teq Systems, LLC. New York / Los Angeles


  • Design customized solutions and provide complete support for small and medium-sized businesses using PICK / D3 / Reality and other MultiValue systems. Well-established customer base in the New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.
  • Experience with about 30 different customers (some of which have worked with us for over 15 years) in a wide variety of business applications and hardware platforms.
  • Work with customers for duration of entire project cycle: initial consultations, software design / evaluation/ conversion of existing software, programming, testing, installation, training and documentation.
  • Developed and installed our own accounting, distribution, inventory, purchasing, payroll, automatic faxing/email, financial, bar-coding, equipment rental, leasing, EDI, and manufacturing software packages.
  • Experience with modifying and supporting previously developed PICK-based software packages such as McDonnell Douglas / Novadyne RESULTS ™, MBS Profi’C ™ Business Automated (BAI), ABBA and others.
  • Upgraded 10 customers from older proprietary-based PICK-based platforms to newer client-server D3 / Windows 2000/2003 and Linux systems in the past few years, resulting in tremendous performance / productivity improvements and significant reductions in hardware maintenance costs. Conversion of all software and files from older to newer systems.
  • Design and installation of ODBC-compliant Visual Basic applications which dynamically interact with D3/PICK databases. Ability to generate graphics directly from D3/PICK databases. Ability to create SQL queries and routines that interface with D3/PICK. Ability to convert character-based screens into graphical user interfaces (GUI). Ability to dynamically import and export data into Microsoft Office 2003 (including Access and Word). Currently designing routines to work with the Pick DP .NET protocols that have been recently released by Raining Data.
  • Integration of D3/PICK systems with Windows 2003, Linux and SCO/UNIX LAN and WAN networks – both local and remote sites (using leased lines and routers / multiplexors).
  • Design and install Web pages. Developed Web-based applications that interface with PICK using, FlashConnect ™ that allows for seamless integration with Web applications. Ability to access just about anything in a Multi-Value/Pick database online.
  • Started as Programmer in 1983 (in New York), Systems Analyst in 1986, purchased company in 1989 from former owner. Support of California customer base began in 1990.


1982–1983 Citibank, N.A. New York, NY

Operations Support

  • Operations of brokerage system, using 9 Data General Eclipse systems.
  • Frequent meetings with management to suggest system improvements.
  • Provide instructions on system usage and training.


1982–1984 Queens College, CUNY New York, NY

  • Completed 2 years towards B.S. degree in Computer Science. 3.51 GPA.

2009 Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA

  • Resumed Pursuit of B.S. Degree, 4.0 GPA to date


Business and personal references gladly provided upon request.

More information

I am originally from New York City (I relocated to Los Angeles in 1990 but maintain a customer base in both cities; I also have a customer in the San Francisco Bay Area). I have two years of college and am hoping to eventually complete my degree.

I began working with PICK in 1983 with By-Teq Systems, Inc. of New York City. Between 1983 and 1989, By-Teq was one of the leading PICK developers in the New York metro area as we developed a very solid customer base. When my former business partner, Ken Freedman, relocated to Anchorage, Alaska, I assumed responsibility for support of the existing customer base; we still provide support to five original By-Teq customers.

I developed a very close and productive relationship with Mike Knabel, Bob Walker and Jim Perkins of Creative Synergy of Laguna Hills in 1990. That relationship lasted until 1995, when Creative Synergy merged with Sierra Cybernetics and decided to focus on imaging-based solutions.. I have since established a very productive relationship with Zumasys of Irvine, CA.

I have been a Pick/Raining Data VAR for nearly 10 years. Zumasys now supplies most of our hardware and we supply all of the D3/PICK licenses.

From 1983 to 1992, I worked almost exclusively with Microdata / McDonnell Douglas / Novadyne systems. As their presence in the marketplace began to decline dramatically in the early 1990s, I began to concentrate on the Advanced PICK/SCO/D3 product line. I have successfully converted six customers from Novadyne to open-architecture, client-server PICK/D3 based systems. All customers have reported a very high level of satisfaction with their new hardware and software systems. In recent years, we have re-hosted all of our SCO customers to either Windows 2000/2003 Server or RedHat Linux platforms.

I have a very wide range of experience in all phases of project management and development: initial consultations and software design, programming, debugging, implementation, training, documentation and ongoing support. Applications which I have successfully completed (and which are currently available) are detailed in our corporate profile and individual web pages. Major strengths include EDI, barcoding, ability to re-write text-based applications in Visual Basic, ability to create interactive Web pages, financial applications, sales history / analysis (including ability to create graphics directly from the PICK database), and equipment leasing and rental. I have personal and customer references that will be provided upon request.

I have become familiar with Windows 2000/2003 and network setup, design and implementation. I have over five years of experience with Visual Basic 6.0 and have developed barcoding and graphics generation packages using Visual Basic that interact directly with the PICK/D3 database using ODBC. I am very familiar with HTML (having created this entire website and several other Web applications) and am in the process of learning Java / J++. I am hoping that our applications can eventually be re-developed in a totally GUI/Windows environment. We are currently in the process of converting our ODBC applications to use Visual Basic 2005/8.0 (VB .NET) and the Pick Data Provider for VB .NET.

I am hoping to continue working with PICK and possibly to expand into other flavors (i.e. we have converted some of our applications to work with JBASE). I am available on a part-time and/or consulting basis as needed. I am also looking for possible business partners / investors who may be interested. If there is anyone in a similar position to mine who is looking for a possible merger, I would be very interested.

Thank you very much for visiting our web site.