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Our Handheld / Barcoding Packages

A-Teq's software use the Symbol/Motorola MC3000 and MC9000 Windows Mobile handheld computers to communicate instantaneously with your server. Use of handheld terminals greatly improve productivity, accuracy and reduce paperwork and other errors. We maintain extensive cross-referencing throughout our barcode labelling system. We assign a serialized barcode each time a label is produced, and, within that label record, we maintain the item number, quantity, date and time received, vendor, P/O number, lot number, serial number (if serialization is used), and pallet number.

When that serialized barcode is scanned, all information tied to that label is instantly available to the user using the RF/Handheld unit. Our software supports Intermec, Zebra and DataMax/Oneil printers. Our handheld/RF packages can be purchased individually and modified to interface with your currently existing software package, or they can be purchased along with our Purchasing, Inventory and Sales modules.

We support the following functions with our barcoding system

The A-Teq Inventory Control package provides you with one of the best management tools in the PICK marketplace. You have the choice of FIFO, LIFO, Average Cost, or Standard Cost inventory set-ups. The inventory and distribution system allows for a 'just-in-time' scenario, where your company can make the best purchasing decisions to allow for maximum return on investment.

The system provides the ability to trace inventory by warehouse and by location and warehouse address within location (i.e. row, section, level and position).

An easy-to-use Product Entry and Maintenance screen is used to enter new products or check the status of existing products. This screen shows pricing, costing, quantity on hand, quantity committed to existing sales orders, quantity on outstanding purchase orders, and month-to-date/year-to-date sales information.

The system has a capacity of up to 99 warehouses (Each warehouse and/or product line can have its own General Ledger inventory, costing and expense account numbers; you have the ability of creating separate financial reports for each).

There are four levels of grouping available: class, category, web/catalog category and sub-category - there are extensive sales history reports provided for activity at each level.

There is a warehouse transfer utility provided, if stock is transferred between warehouses.

A product by warehouse inquiry is provided (single screen shows inventory status for each warehouse, along with summarized or detailed breakdown of sales and purchase orders by warehouse).

Daily, Monthly and Historical reports are provided of stock receipts, transfers and adjustments.

An Inventory Aging report is provided, along with reports sorting products by class, branch, category / product line, and ranking (by sales volume). All products can be ranked by sales, gross profit dollar amount, gross profit percentage, or ROI (return on investment).