Integration with Windows

Integrating with Windows

We can integrate Windows workstations into PICK/MultiValue systems and re-write existing screens to take advantage of the many capabilities of Windows (i.e. pull-down menus, ability to use mouse and better graphics / fonts). We have extensive experience with developing and maintaining AccuTerm (tm) GUI routines. We have modules available that allow the creation of Excel spreadsheets, database files (Access / SQL Server) and Microsoft Excel 2003-2013 files directly from PICK files.

We have also successfully developed many Visual Basic applications that utilize data from PICK/D3 servers using the Pick ODBC data provider. One of our newest products is a very easy-to-use Windows/ODBC-based customer lookup/inquiry screen that operates very much like a phone or address book, with total integration with our Accounts Payable and Sales History modules. Another recently developed product allows users to create graphics using real-time PICK data. We have developed a barcode imaging system and an on-line documentation system that interfaces with MultiValue database systems. We are currently evaluating newer technologies such as the TigerLogic MVSP.NET provider and Dashboard products