We have over 25 years of experience with the design, installation and support of D3/Pick/Raining Data and other MultiValue systems. I started A-Teq in 1989. We design customized solutions and provide complete support for small and medium-sized businesses. We have very extensive experience with re-writing text-based ('green-screen') applications in Visual Basic using ODBC. We have also successfully integrated our software with Web-enabled software (such as FlashConnect); D3/Multi-Value data can be accessed directly online using any Web browser.. For more on Joe Acevedo, please click here.

We have the ability to implement applications such as EDI or online ordering, pricing or customer service, with total live integration with your PICK/D3 database (of course, appropriate security is provided). A-Teq has a very impressive portfolio of modules, which can be integrated into or replace existing software packages. We are renown for our commitment to service and quality - we have satisfied customers that have used our software for over 10 years.

A complete solution for your needs
A-Teq offers a complete solution: initial consultation, software design, pre-installation reviews, conversion of existing data, installation, training, follow-up and on-going support. We are also very experienced with importing and exporting Pick/D3 data to and from Microsoft Office and other Windows-based packages. We have also successfully created Windows applications that interact directly with the PICK/D3 database, providing a total graphical user interface. We have also designed a new graphics / charting product which allows you to decide what you wish to see, and have the system automatically create a graph or chart with real-time live data!!

References gladly provided upon request.