Upgrading Existing Systems

Upgrading / Re-Hostingto the most recent hardware / software platforms.

We can re-host just about any PICK-based system to the most up-to-date MultiValue platforms. The result would be a tremendous increase in system speed and productivity with increased reliability. We have successfully re-hosted from other, older PICK-based systems (i.e. AP/Native, D3/SCO, and other proprietary systems) to D3 for Windows 2016/2019 Server or Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

These newest D3 releases (Version 10.3) are much more robust and provide functionality not present in older Pick/D3 versions. A dual-processor Intel Xeon-based server can be set up (at a very reasonable cost) that can easily handle up to 200 users using either Windows 2016/2019 Server or RedHat Linux Enterprise Version 7/8. Our applications can also be installed on IBM AIX platforms.

We encourage all of our current and prospective customers to upgrade to totally network (Ethernet) based systems and have extensive experience replacing older hardware based on RS-232/serial (Digiboard)/parallel connections with totally network-based solutions that are much easier to maintain and service.

We also have experience with the Rocket Ultimate/Unidata systems. We have developed routines to convert data between D3/Pick and Ultimate/Unidata.